Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mix-n-Match: Fried Quinoa Bites with Ka-Pow Sauce

Cooking is getting dangerous.  This is two days in a row now I've used the fryer.  Two days in a row I produced outrageous results from my efforts.  It's dangerous because of how good it all tastes, but how bad it is for the waistline. Boo.

Today we're talking about a combination of two recipes: Baked Quinoa & Cheese meets Ka-Pow Shrimp.
I had leftovers from the baked quinoa dish so I decided to scoop out little balls of the stuff and drop them in the deep fryer for a couple minutes.

Here are the results...

Fried Quinoa Bites & Ka-POW Sauce:

To make this dish...

Follow the recipe for the Baked Quinoa and Cheese here and then go to the Ka-Pow Shrimp recipe to get the mix for the breading as well as the Sriracha hot dipping sauce.  YUM!

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